Faith Is Not Blind

I am beginning a new book. Writing for 15 minutes a day. I will be posting regular updates of rough drafts and such, because I haven’t had the time or inclination to produce actual blog posts in so long, that frankly, I’ve forgotten how some of the functionality of WordPress works. I’ve been mulling over in my mind for the past great while the subject of this book, so hopefully it will be written quickly. Here’s Day 1 (although full disclosure a lot of this was written previously and I just cleaned it up… I’m not Stephen King for crying out loud).

Here’s the Introduction:

I was raised by the government school system. For those that don’t know, the government school system in the United States of America was modeled after the Prussian system of education under Otto Von Bismarck. The purpose of this education system was not to educate, not to teach students how to think rationally and logically for themselves. The purpose of government education is to produce soldiers and factory workers; To condition minds to follow orders without questioning.

My grandparents on one side were Catholic, my grandparents on the other side were probably atheists but I really don’t know because it was never discussed. My mother is an agnostic, my father is an atheist. As a child, the only religious education I received was from the public education system, which is to say, I was raised by the state to be an atheist. Despite this total lack of conditioning from a young age to believe, I am a Christian today.

I was not raised in a Christian household by Christian parents. I never attended a Christian school or had a teacher discuss Christ with me (because they would have been fired). I was not immersed in religious dogma from birth in order to be brainwashed into believing a myth. I point these things out because that was what I was taught. The only religious people are brainwashed, indoctrinated, uneducated. Our country is full of rational, evolved people and eventually everyone that believes in God will be weeded out and die of attrition. This is the philosophy that is taught in the government schools, which unless you are wealthy, you are required to leave your children at for the entirety of their formative years.

I believe that God created the universe. I believe that he sent his son, who was both God and man, to die for our sins. I believe that man is fallen, and the only way for us to be redeemed is to accept the gift of salvation from the only being that is qualified to offer it.

I believe in God because of the evidence. I sought out information on my own, I asked questions, I wanted to learn the truth. I was raised an atheistic skeptic. Actually, I take that back. I was not a skeptic. Skeptics question what they are presented with. I was raised a devout atheist. I became a faith-filled follower of Christ as a result of investigation, not as a result of blind adherence. If I were a blind follower, I would be an atheist still.

This book is my testimony. I am sharing it because I have been told to my face that the only reason I believe certain things is because I am a Christian. No. I am a Christian because I believe those certain things. I am sure in my beliefs because I am sure in my capacity to rationally perceive and judge evidence.

My faith is not blind. Not anymore.

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