Faith Is Not Blind, day 2

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

There have been thousands of pages written on these three words alone by theologians. Before I start on adding my own two cents onto these first three words of the bible. Let me start by summing up where my philosophy was prior to actually doing anything resembling research.

I was taught that there was a big bang that led to the creation of our universe (possibly one of an infinite number of universes or the same universe dying and being reborn an infinite number of times). All the particles and energy that make up our universe exploded outwards at the speed of light. Eventually the matter began to cool, and the natural force of gravity caused the particles to coalesce into what we perceive as solid matter. Some of those chunks of matter became stars and some became planets. On some of those planets the matter developed into organic molecules and advanced life evolved from the primordial slime.

And there you have it. A succinct history of infinity that eventually led to baseball and the internet and because of science there is no need for a belief in God to rationalize existence. And that makes sense to children when you teach it to them and present them with no alternatives, because children will predominantly believe anything you say without questioning it. In fact the modern trend is to not allow any dissent of thought or opinion in the classroom.

However, I want to first focus on one tiny thing that was a major component in the creation model that I was taught to accept and compare it to the bible’s first three words. I was taught that the universe is an oscillating system; that eventually after the expansion of the big bang, the universe will cool, slow down and all the matter will eventually coalesce back at its starting point into the grandest of black holes and compress itself back into a single infinitely small point that contains all the matter in the universe; and eventually it will explode again in another big bang event. So on and on for eternity.

Compare that to the first three words of the bible: In the beginning. And that’s where all the theological debate and pondering comes into play. Because the bible says that the universe has a beginning, that it is not infinite and eternal.

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