Faith is Not Blind, Day 16

(getting done with my writing early today because I am filming a scene tonight for Morgan’s Corner the Series and expect to be too tired to think. Also, I am taking a tumble down a flight of stairs so I may be concussed later and there’s no telling what kind of gibberish I may end up typing).

There are many different creation views. Some Jews and Christians may think that I am faulty in my assertions because they believe that the seven creation days are literal 24-hour periods and that the Jewish genealogy has no significant gaps and that the world therefore is only a few thousand years old. Some Intelligent Design proponents may think that my view is primitive because I believe that the Bible holds actual clues as to the creation of the universe. Some deists may think that I am deluded because I believe that God cares about us lowly humans. My goal is not to refute or address every single belief system and explain why mine is more logical and powerful than theirs; just to share my own testimony in the hopes that someone else is reading this who was like-minded to myself at the time.

That being said it may seem that I am picking on one particular belief system, that of the atheistic naturalist, and dismantling all of their assumptions. The reason for that is simple, it is the default position of the state and it is taught as fact when it is only one flawed theory. But the trend of the government schools has been to remove freedom of thought from the classrooms. Remove freedom of thought, personal responsibility, personal choice. Replace it with indoctrination, moral relativism, victim mentality, safe spaces, and replacing any religious beliefs with the state religion of naturalistic atheism. Just like Soviet Russia, Communist China, and all sorts of brutal dictatorships that end with millions of dead humans. The goal of dictators is to have the people dependent on them, which is why they don’t want their subjects worshiping a God that is not them.

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