Faith is Not Blind, Day 15 (and 14)

(so apparently I missed a day. Couldn’t even make it two weeks consistently… pathetic. I actually crashed early last night. I went straight home from work and don’t even remember going to bed. Just woke up about 5:30 am. Didn’t even realize until this afternoon that I didn’t write yesterday. Oh well. So I doubled up today.)

NASA scientists, possibly under pressure from Christian-unfriendly presidents, have been desperate to somehow show that life exists on other planets. Which is why one could make such an absurd declaration of blind faith that we will assuredly find life on another planet in the next decade. As a high school student I was taught about the Miller-Urey experiment, which was supposedly proof that life originated randomly on Earth in a primordial soup of protein molecules hit by lightning. Even though I will summarize the significance of the Miller-Urey experiment in a later chapter, for now let me go ahead and drop this bombshell of a statement here:

The prevailing view of Origin of Life scientists is that life could not have originated on Earth.

Hence the desperation of the naturalistic atheists. Now, I am fairly certain that the Miller-Urey experiment is still being taught in high schools. There is no longer any scientific support for the validity of the experiment–even by naturalistic atheists–but it is still being taught by school books that were written by educators not by scientists. Because remember, the goal of the educators is to make the masses of graduates easier to control not to educate them about the truth.

A few weeks ago, there was an article in the news about some microwave emissions that were detected which was announced that it was probably aliens sending us a communication of some sort. (@@source this). I didn’t bother reading it, so had to actually do some research to find it. I didn’t bother to read it because I was sure it would proceed something like this: NASA scientist makes bold claim that we will establish friendly relations with aliens within next five years then an independent team of astronomers in six other countries will say that the increased microwave emissions were from a previously undetected pulsar, a satellite or a computer glitch. Also, no paper will bother to print that follow up article.

It seems that there is a desperation not only to discover a habitable planet but also to discover intelligent life on a planet besides our own. The reason for this is twofold.

The prevailing view of astrophysicists is that life could not have migrated to our solar system through natural means.

To be clear, we will no doubt find evidence of fossilized life on Mars, but not just on Mars, also on our moon. But after much testing, it will be determined that those fossils originated from Earth. During Earth’s history we have had some significant bombardments from comets and meteorites that would have scattered Earth-rocks all over our solar system, and we have had cellular life on Earth for billions of years. So it stands to reason that a chunk of rock with fossilized microbial life will show up on Mars and especially on the moon. However, ask a scientist if even the most hardy cellular life form could survive being exploded into space by a meteorite impact that sends it to another planet. Answer: no. Ask an astrophysicist if living cells could be transported across stellar distances from beyond our solar system. Well they would need to be encased in something that would protect them from solar radiation, contain enough nutrients to survive generational space flight, and of course would need to survive atmospheric reentry.

So the desperation to discover intelligent life on other planets is because of this:

The current prevailing theory of Origin of Life scientists is that life had to have been introduced to Earth by intelligent aliens.

No I am not making this up. The theory is referred to as “Directed Panspermia.” And really, the only evidence of that theory is that life exists at all, and that it is incredibly improbable that it developed without specific fine-tuning. Without “intelligent design” as it were.

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