Faith is Not Blind, Day 13

(Did not get a lot written today. Too many distractions, too much research/review, and getting ready for a big scene this weekend. Here is a paragraph with a lot of questions)

According to a universal model based on Einstein’s General Relativity model, we know that time and space and matter all have a beginning. Here is a theoretical question for the atheist then. Did gravity exist prior to the big bang? There were no particles with mass so there is no way of knowing. Did electromagnetism exist? The entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves through ultraviolet light? How about radiation? None of these things could possibly exist without an actual universe could they?

So the Big Bang, in addition to creating a ten-dimensional universe with time, space and matter, also in that instant had to create all the rules of the universe; the fundamental forces that determine how all the matter behaves. We take for granted in our lives, in our finite perception and understanding of the universe, that physics has always and will always work the same way. But along with space and time, something had to also determine what space and time does. So after the Big Bang and matter is introduced into space and time, somehow gravity comes into being.

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